Our product lines…

What is Cashmillon?

Cashmillon is the name of a fabric, and we use it to make a number of items – it makes a beautiful, stylish, hippy clothing range! Our Cashmillon line is made in India and hand selected personally by us.

Cashmillon is a synthetic fabric, made out of 100% Acrylic. It is soft to touch and is a perfect material for making garments such as shawls and ponchos. We stock a range of Cashmillon trousers, including both Harem and Alibaba styles. These trousers are suitable for winter, as the fabric would be too hot to wear during summer. 

Cashmillon washes well, and can be put in a washing machine, provided it is on a cool setting.

What are harem trousers?

Harem trousers are a style of hippy trousers that have a low crotch, making them extremely comfortable and cool to wear. This hippy style originates in Nepal and as such, most of our harem trousers are sourced, by us, in Nepal. 

We have a few different types of harem trousers, and are continuously adding more to the website. These styles are:

Narrow waistband harem trousers – commonly described as being for men but as a tall woman myself these are my preferred choice of harems. They are suitable for taller people and are often the first choice for our curvier customers. We will be updating this line as soon as possible, however if you would like more information on the full range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nepali harems- these harem trousers have a wider waistband and can be worn by everyone. These hippy trousers come in a variety of styles and again we will be updating the online range in due course.

Cashmillon harems- harem trousers made from cashmillon fabric, as described above, with a wide waistband.

What about our tie dye range?

Our tie dye clothing range is hand picked by us, in Thailand, and makes the perfect festival outfit. These funky clothes are made with spandex in so are stretchy and soft, fitting a range of figures. 

Our tie dye range washes perfectly well on a cold wash in the machine – though we do recommend hand washing for the first wash.

We have a great range of tie dye clothing, including harem pants, skirts, tops, tunics, dresses and more!